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Privacy Policy

APRA’s Privacy Policy sets out APRA’s collection and use of personal and sensitive information. Personal and sensitive information that APRA collects is used:

  • for prudential regulation and enforcement activities in respect of the Australian financial services industry;
  • to respond to requests under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 or Privacy Act 1988;
  • to provide information to those requesting to be on an APRA mailing list;
  • to employ staff, engage contractors and maintain the operations of APRA in compliance with legislation, rules and guidelines;
  • to answer inquiries and process complaints made to APRA or respond to inquiries from the Commonwealth Ombudsman; and
  • in correspondence with overseas regulators.

APRA is committed to:

  • having access to the appropriate information, including personal and sensitive information, to enable APRA to fulfil its prudential regulatory remit and its obligations as an employer, contractor and government agency;
  • ensuring that personal and sensitive information held is accurate and securely maintained; and
  • ensuring individuals have a means to access and, if necessary, request the correction of personal and sensitive information held by APRA.

APRA's Privacy Policy can be accessed here.